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ReDirect Guide

The ReDirect Guide is a new breed of media company – one that is dedicated solely to creating innovative and effective media that encourages green living and sustainable communities; one that focuses on the end result of its messages instead of simply contributing to the chatter of commercialism; one that holds itself to the market rigors of a for-profit corporation while operating with a mission and ethics expected of a non-profit organization; and one whose actions are driven by three bottom lines – planet, people, profit.

Our products and services are designed to promote businesses that incorporate environmental and social responsibility, to strengthen community, to provide educational resources, and perhaps most importantly, to make it easy for consumers to find healthy and sustainable products and services in their area. As our name implies, we redirect consumer support to sustainable companies by providing an easy to use guide to green businesses and local resources.

We understand that in our society, every dollar we spend represents a choice, and those choices cumulatively determine what appears in the marketplace. Corporations producing goods will respond to increased demand for sustainable products, and likewise, will respond to declining demand for products that harm our environment, workers, or communities. We believe that by redirecting buyers to businesses offering earth friendly, socially responsible, and health oriented goods and services, we are helping to guide the way to a vibrant, healthy and sustainable future.

We are best known as the publishers of the ReDirect Guides – a green business directory and resource guide for each of the three regions we serve. These annual directories of healthy and sustainable businesses are chock full of substantially better options for everyday purchases, presented alongside regionally appropriate educational articles and community resources. Each business, organization, and resource is screened and qualified by our staff to ensure that we are promoting environmentally and socially responsible products and services.

The ReDirect Guide is always free to the community, and we distribute the copies widely, actively, and throughout the entire year. In each copy, readers can find categorically organized green business listings and ads, concise and informative educational articles, community resources such as maps and events listings, our catalog-like Green Marketplace section, our Eco-Travel and Daytrips section, and other features designed to make living green fun, easy, and rewarding.

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