Organizations: Markets

Park Silly

Park Silly Sunday Market

The Park Silly Sunday Market is an eco-friendly open air market, street festival and commUnity forum where neighbors and friends come together to celebrate our commUnity of fun and funky Park Sillians.

People's Market

People’s Market

We’re excited for another season at People’s Market! We think it’s the best way to have a little time to relax on a Sunday in the shade — and pick up some local produce and unique handcrafts, too.

Sugar House Farmers Market

Sugar House Farmer’s Market

The Sugar House Farmers Market is a family-friendly neighborhood farmers market focusing on fresh produce, delicious food and unique Utah products with a local Sugar House flair.

Wasatch Cooperative Market

Wasatch Cooperative Market

The Wasatch Cooperative Market aims to provide natural, healthy, sustainable products with an emphasis on foods, goods, and merchandise produced locally.