About Us

Utah is a state with diverse and beautiful landscapes, abundant wildlife and a large variety of ecosystems. As there are many natural wonders in the environment surrounding us, there are also many people and organizations dedicated to protecting and nurturing our environment in Utah. Sustain Utah formed to help those non-profit organizations that promote environmental, social and economic welfare. We saw a great need to support and nurture those who work hard on various aspects of sustainability. Whether an organization is creating urban gardens, planting trees, raising awareness of the dangers of air pollution, providing education about natural health and medicine, or creating a green economy, Sustain Utah recognizes that we all have a common goal. By uniting and sharing resources we can create a stronger and more effective movement.

Having experience starting non-profit organizations, we understand how much heart and soul goes into this endeavor! Our goal is to support new non-profit organizations by helping to provide the needs of most start-ups: human resources, capital, supplies, networking, marketing and promotions. We believe that this will help newly formed groups to be more effective. They will be able to spend their time and energy focusing on the issue that they organized to address, rather than exhausting their efforts just trying to get started!

There are also many well established and successful non-profit organizations that are already doing great work. On nearly any given day Utah’s non-profit groups host a variety of workshops, markets, discussions and events promoting the goal of a healthy sustainable community. Sustain Utah supports these groups by providing a comprehensive and up to date community calendar as well as through our public outreach programs.

Commitment Statement

Sustain Utah is committed to creating and facilitating opportunities for Utah’s environmental and sustainable groups to communicate, collaborate, and succeed in their field of passion.